Meditation Exercises

The central part in Esoteric Project Management occupies the development of certain inner qualities through spiritual practice and meditation exercises. We hold that all necessary qualities like peace of mind, clarity of Vision, intuition, concentration, inner power, positive approach and many others CAN BE developed. And then applied in our daily activities to make our endeavour successful.

By doing meditation and spiritual practice on a regular basis you will develop   inner peace and inner power most harmoniously and effectively. From that alone your life can benefit tremendously not to speak about your creative activities. As you will see, proposed meditation techniques and exercises are simple, but at the same time in their simplicity they embody an ancient wisdom and depth. Whenever you are beginner in meditation or already a practitioner you will benefit from them.

We tried to choose most adequate meditation techniques to  develop the  specific quality or skill to address solution of a particular project management task.

You will find below first major exercise on development peace of mind (or to diminish anxiety) which will serve as foundation for everything else in our approach.

 Meditation Exercises to calm the mind

There are many ways to stop the mind. We will mention only a few. According to meditation teacher, Sri Chinmoy, these are more than enough ways for everyone. Sri Chinmoy, My Meditation-Service at the United Nations for 25 Years. Agni Press, 1995 )

1. One way is to repeat the name of God or a particular mantra, which is a sacred word or incantation. When we repeat a mantra or God’s Name, there is a continuous flow. If what we are repeating is “God, God, God,” then inside the repetition we will forget ourselves. Then the mind stops.

2. Another way is to see the mind as a material object. We can take a material object and put it anywhere we want, or throw it the farthest possible distance, according to our strength. So either we can grab the mind like a material object and throw it far away, or we can put the mind in a place where it will not bother us. If a mischievous child is bothering us, we can put him into a corner and warn him not to move. We can do that to the mind also.

3. A third way is to totally forget about the existence of the mind and feel that we are only the heart. It is not enough to say, “I have a heart” We have to say, “I am the heart, I am the heart!” Then the qualities of the heart will permeate the entire being and automatically the mind will stop. 

When we do these exercises regularly, we allow the deeper realities that embody our heart and soul to come to the fore and to operate in our life. They are well aware of our goals and mission. Allow them to reveal this treasure to you. Our spiritual heart has the ability to picture our life as a whole. This ability is foreign to our mind. The mind specializes in dividing reality into parts and analyzing each part. However, we can call on the mind for the implementation of our dreams.

It may take time to begin to feel the spiritual heart and then to learn how to explore the world with its help. But the effort is more than worth it. We cannot even imagine what a rich inner world we have!

Meditation exercises to dive into your spiritual heart by imagining lotus inside.

Here is  meditation video with the exercise .

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