Meditation Techniques in Project Management = Esoteric Project Management

I have often found myself thinking that all the beautiful approaches in project management are often incomplete in real life. This is not because they are wrong. Quite often they just do not reflect an integral approach that includes the inner dimension as well.

I began to think how to improve the classical approach to project management. I see it by including the development of inner qualities to help ensure the approach is integral. Everyone can agree that willpower, the ability to resist stress, having insight and intuition can make an enormous contribution to effective management. But few, if any, books on project management address the development of these skills. At the same time, books on meditation don’t discuss project management.

Thus I have tried to address the main areas of project management and discuss the improvements that could result from applying the appropriate inner qualities that can be developed through certain meditation techniques and exercises. The result is an interesting synthesis of meditation and project management. Or, to put it another way, the application of spiritual practices to project management. This is my definition of Esoteric Project Management.

To give you an example of what you will find within this approach:

  • developing a Vision
  • transcending time
  • acquiring Energy from Above
  • leadership from a spiritual point of view
  • development of inner strength
  • development of intuition and receptivity
  • and many more!

Bon voyage!

Meditation Exercises

The central part in Esoteric Project Management occupies the development of certain inner qualities through spiritual practice and meditation exercises. We hold that all necessary qualities like peace of mind, clarity of Vision, intuition, concentration, inner power, positive approach and many others CAN BE developed. And then applied in our daily activities to make our endeavour successful.

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Book: esoteric project management

Esoteric Project Management
the Development and Application of Inner Power in Management

Turn to more effective, powerful yet harmonious management, boosting it with your inner force. Develop and apply your capacity with the ancient meditation techniques.

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This book is based on many years trainings and experience in esoteric project management, including daily application of these approaches. The idea behind the book is to expand the classical approach to management through the development of a range of inner qualities through meditation and spiritual practice. If you take the science of project management as building a beautiful frame or shape, the inner component provides the interior.

You will find a specific meditation technique to develop your skills for every major field of Project Management. Time Management, Risk Management, Stress Management, Crisis Management to name just a few.

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