Button for everything

We all would like to have a simple solution or panacea for all and every occasions in life. A sort of a button to solve all the problems. It is a natural desire, but we are still looking for that button. It is quite possible that it exists, but it might look or work not exactly the way we use to think…

Recently I came across one aphorism:

The source of everything
That we see and feel
Is the Cosmic Energy.

[Sri Chinmoy, Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 41, 40 566, Agni Press, 2004]

I think this is the way to find and possess the secret button to manage everything. If we can make friends with this universal energy, if we can be in harmony with it, “in the flow”, if we can – God forbid, – manage this cosmic energy, this will be the equivalent to the fact that we can manage everything around us. For me it is also obvious that this kind of management is far beyond the mind and our classical concepts of management.

Surely you also had experiences when the flashed thoughts caused a specific events in the outer life: a man called whom you have just thought about, or you got the news about the progress of the difficult cases, which you thought accidentally in the morning and so on. As if something emerged  to the surface from the depths of our soul’s actions, and suddenly our mind was found itself knowing what is going on.

It happened with me too – as if the flashed light thought reflected quite powerful inner movement, due to which everything was organised just perfectly. Solution was found to finances issue, to team issue – to everything critical at that moment.

How to make friends with this energy, which is the source of everything and that controls everything? I think the most effective way – to make friends with its Author. Similarly, when we build relationships with the boss, all his subordinates coming to our sphere of influence. And instead of asking and wanting all kinds of beautiful toys and “trifles”, it is possible to establish a direct contact with their Author, who has and is infinitely more.

Perhaps meditation is not the last thing in this process …

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